Silver Gold Wholesale, NYC

It’s been said that the beauty is within and everyone is unique with his / her own beauty. But only the rare one can see it and admire, appreciate and carry that along.
We bring our collection all the way from Toscana region of Italy where the work man ship is put along with every design. Every designer puts their own idea imagination and amazing amount of workmanship to bring the beauty out from that metal so called Gold or Silver and with vision of every designer the beauty rises itself with his / her own idea‘s and we have those variety of collection to show you we all can admire and pass it on to our dearest customers to be more charming more attractive but not the last.
Be Bold with definition as more beautiful.
So let’s put together Basic but yet Unique creativity in our showcases and admire Inner Beauty by wearing one.
As the Italian admire by Saying “La Bella“
We bring all variety of collection from different continents of World just to create a cloud of beauty we work with almost everyone and bring them as a one stop Shop only At Silver N Gold wholesale so let’s show you what we have and how we can add all these in your collection.
Thanking you
Silver N Gold Wholesale